Vote Hip Hop at the 9th Annual Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards (OEAA)

From the jump, feel free to vote for whoever you want. Do NOT hesitate! The purpose of this site is to show those who may be interested in voting for my associates and I how to actually do so. I'm proud to say we are officially back at it! Though being nominated for Best New Artist & Best HipHop/Rap last year was incredible, I want to try something a little different this year! Let's get more hip hop artists from our area involved this year by spreading votes around!!

Click the following 9th Annual OEA Awards link and a new tab will open. The first page is where you input your contact information. The second page is for Visual Art Nominations, and the third page is for Public Art Nominations. The fourth page, Live Music Nominations, is where we get down to business for the following categories:

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